Listen In Full 1, 2, 3 David Nunan


luyen ky nang nghe noi va phat am tieng anh 196x300 Listen In Full 1, 2, 3 David Nunan

Listen in Full

Description & Features
Real-life listening practiceThe Practice of Programming . Read more ... » uses listening passages based on authentic sources.
Started Unit provides an overview of each book’s listening skills and strategies.
In Focus section offers opportunity for cultural comparison and personalization in each unit.
Language boxes highlight key expressions related to each unit’s topics and goals.
Student Audio CD is included in every Student Book for risk-free practice outside the classroom


Listen In 1:

  1. Book 
  2. CD1
  3. CD2
  4. CD3
  5. CD4
  6. self study

Listen in 2:

  1. Book
  2. CD1
  3. CD2
  4. CD3
  5. CD4

Listen in 3:

  1. student book
  2. Teacher book
  3. CD


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  1. Would you tell me the password for download the files, please?

  2. ngoclan says:

    links are broken

  3. Irfan says:

    Brother, can you fix the first book’s CD3 link?

    • bookfinder says:

      sorry Irfan. We got lost it, Would you mind if you find it on the internet and share it for us. Thank for you supporting !!!

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